In 100 Words: Boundary by Tanmay Vora

We get too bogged down by our self-imposed boundaries.

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Platform Business Models

Have you ever thought of exploring the concept of platform recently ?

If not, it’s maybe time for it …

SANGEET PAUL CHOUDARY can help you dive into the platform world.

And if you want to go deeper, I would recommend you to read his blog on :

The Platform Design Toolkit from Simone Cicero can also help you create great platforms

Have fun creating or improving your own platform !



Serve people …

Published on Aug 24, 2014

I (Michael Jr. Comedy) ‘d like to explain to you how Life works, at least from a comedian’s perspective. First there’s a setup and then there’s a punchline.

Your SETUP is your TALENTS, RESOURCES and OPPORTUNITIES and most of the time we use our SETUP to ensure our audience, the people around us, are moving in a direction that serves us.

So the PUNCHLINE occurs when we alter that direction in a way not anticipated by those around us.

We use our SETUP, to serve other people.

This results in revelation, fulfillment, and JOY, not only for those receiving the PUNCHLINE, but for those who deliver it as well.


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“The key to storytelling is in the giving, not the getting”