How do I become a Linchpin?!

So, we read the book. We really liked it, but were not sure what to do now. When the MeetUps came in place, we signed up for June 14th. We’re looking, waiting, expecting. Thinking, worrying. Although we read a book, the world around us still seems to be full of negativity. People are closed and hard to approach. The ocean is full of oil. We feel small, helpless and lonely.

But you know what? We notice!

Do people sometimes ask you, why you’re making such a fuzz about things that have always been that way and will stay so anyways? Or do they tell you, that you should calm down? That you should not take everything so seriously?

Good! You are a person who cares. You are on to something.

Chances are, if that book resonated with us, it resonated within us. Chances are, we already are Linchpins. We probably have been them all the time. It’s just that sometimes we forget about it. Or that sometimes the Lizard Brain talkes us into some “rational thinking”. And sometimes we’re just lazy. But those Linchpins are inside of us already and they’re just waiting to get out and set the world on fire.

Ever took part in a project which depended on your input and your engagement? You did the best you possibly could, right?

Ever helped somebody out? Just because you could and it made your world a better place, right there, right then?

There you have it. You are that Linchpin already!

Something felt odd all the time, didn’t it? Something made us think what we thought, say what we said, do what we did. And most importantly, something made us care!

Keep changing your world. One step at a time, one interaction at a time, one connection at a time. One important day at a time.

“Linchpin – The Book” was the red pill. Now it’s on.

On “Linchpin – The Day” we will find our allies. And if there is nobody else in your city to meet with on June 14th… use the web and connect to nearly 300 other lonely Linchpins! Show them that they are not lonely. Click that “I’ll organize it!”-button. Step ahead and spread the word.

You are not alone and we need you!


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