Skype Conference for Linchpin MeetUp Organizers – What’s Next for your Tribe?

Now that Linchpins are everywhere (raise the flag) MeetUp day has passed. What do we do next?


If your experience was like mine, an incredible opportunity has been created.  People have met. They’ve shared stories and contact information, and expressed a desire to meet again.

The preeminent question for us all who were organizers of these meetings is how to create a group that is sustainable? How do we act differently so that this group doesn’t languish and die like so many others that get formed around a networking event?

The key is focusing on relationship building. This was the purpose of my one pager that I created this morning – A Post Linchpin MeetUp Action Plan.  Of course this is easier said than done.

Here’s my proposal for follow up action.

I’ll host a Skype conference call about next steps. Basically, we talk through what needs to take place to turn a group of acquaintances into a tribe of Linchpins.

I’m going to put some additional material together that explains how I work with groups to develop them as Collaborative Network Groups.

Here’s what I need to know.

1. Are you interested in a Skype conference call? Yes, No, Maybe.

2. When is the best time for you? I’m open to doing it any time but over this coming weekend.  I work on short notice, so if Thursday or Friday is best, fine. If next Monday or Tuesday, that works for me. What time? Please designate by GMT + or -. I’m GMT-5.

3. What specific questions/situations do you what to address? As far as I am concerned, everything is fair game for discussion. More than anything, I want this call to be supportive of our efforts to create stronger relationships in our local communities, so that Linchpins can make a difference that matters. I welcome you ideas.

My Skype name is edbrenegar.


One thought on “Skype Conference for Linchpin MeetUp Organizers – What’s Next for your Tribe?

  1. Hi, Ed

    Thanks for your work on maintaining and growing the momentum from the initial Linchpin meetings – appreciate your action plan, particularly.

    I am assuming you want us to respond here to your questions, so here goes:

    1) Yes

    2) Monday or Tuesday morning work best for me. I’m in St. Louis, so GMT-6

    3) What is the best strategy to keep momentum going? I know this is general and vague, but that’s about all I can do right now.

    We already have a tentative follow-up meeting in place for Tuesday, June 29 and I have been using my various SM networks to get the word out, since I’d like to have both those who attended first meeting and “newbies” show up.

    Appreciate all your work here.



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