What’s next ? What about passion and Prosperity ?

The Business Owners Success Club is a joining together of small business owners who want to save the world by, first making their business the best they can be (secure your oxygen mask before helping others); then working to make our communities better and finally helping all business owners around the world do the same thing.

September’s event is called Passion and Prosperity.
It is presented by Frances Schagen of Crystal Clear Bookkeeping Ltd.

Frances has helped 100’s of Small Business Owners follow their passion to a life of prosperity. Come join us to learn what that means and how you can do it, too.

Networking at noon
Presentation is 12:30 – 1:30
Light refreshments will be served.
Feel free to bring your lunch

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What’s next : Marc Luyckx Ghisi Surgissement d’un nouveau monde

A new world is emerging …

Marc Luyckx Ghisi : Surgissement d'un nouveau monde (in french)

Explore what are the Cultural Creatives :

Cette expression a été inventée par Paul Ray et Sherry Anderson dans leur livre: The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World (Harmony Books, Oct 2000), traduit en français aux éditions Yves Michel, sous le titre: L’émergence des créatifs culturels.

Links :

    (en) culturalcreatives.org/​
    (fr) creatifs-culturels.fr/​
    (fr) creatifsculturels.be/​
    (fr) onnouscachetout.com/​themes/​societe/​creatifs-culturels.php
    (fr) yvesmichel.org blog des éditions Yves Michel, l’éditeur des deux ouvrages parus en France sur les Créatifs Culturels
    (fr) radio-canada.ca/​emissions/​par_4_chemins/​2008-2009/​index.asp, sous le titre « Vers l’intériorité citoyenne », une lecture de l’ouvrage d’Yves Michel par Jacques Languirand, l’animateur de l’émission de radio Par 4 chemins.