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Slovenian Synchronicity


Jumping into the warmth of new lands, soon to be traversed by feet of afar-friends (yet here already), tasted by curious tongues and seen through glacial-eyes, exploration comes to mind – a quest.

Discovering the head, heart and soul of place, shared in time with others – my quest.

Consciousness bears fruit in travellers whose feet walk in the search for meaning – they are open.

Observation and awareness without analysis, just acceptance, enables us to see; who faces us, is next to us, feel vibrations, taste authentically with reverence and touch others in moments never to be repeated in the same sequence ever again.

Travellers move, never standing still until moments arise permitting eyes to close. Here in this space, eyes closed, we listen and search inside for the music, words, dance, song, colour, texture, nuance, whisper, fragrance, sound, form, gesticulation, poem – when drawing on the days shared experience – art in essence.

This is where I am, as I shake hands and greet Marcos, Frank and Joshua – a physical connection with afar-friends already connected in essence shared online, we meet in body and flesh for the first time – another discovery – we are triiibe – united, balanced, ready to give and receive simultaneously, innately, unquestioningly when exploring new lands together, beholding rapture.


The Head

We meet and begin in Castle history. Why? Lessons already learned there, wisdom abundant through experience. You can literally feel past experience as you walk well-trodden paths. Castle magnificence and splendour tells stories of power, wealth, control, envy, war, protection, opulence and endeavour. Always stationed on high the castle-view of boundaries enables stories to unfurl. Stories held by statues of time-past, remind us to be mindful of boundary effect.

Man dominates man by employing boundary thinking and building walls. What wins are really gained through domination?

Slovenia was testament to boundary violation when pursued as a prize by neighbours who broke and moved boundary walls. Gains? Not really. Stolen lands and culture are held intermittently through time for nature always wins. It may take eight hundred years to do so, but human nature sees land return to rightful indigenous owners – the people whose history is this place named Slovenia, re-invented anew by original owners.

New enterprise simmers at the fingertips of ethical developers like Jure Cuhalev of Kiberpipa and entrepreneurs like Matjaz Sircelj, creating burgeoning business – Slovenias’ ingenuity. These men are soon-to-be Kings of Ljubljanas’ growth like the Mayor who walks local streets receiving people along the way. Together they are a part of this City’s opportunity.

Our shared exploration ends at Lake Bled – fitting for solemn reflection, beauty abundant, we part Slovenia this day beholding each other anew and wanting to linger longer not in Castles, but in each other. Mountains traversed, moved with the expectation of departure.


The Heart

We are there now, with the people, flora and fauna – natures work. The grand Julian-Alps, hold Slovenia steady in mother natures bosom. Oh what splendour, the natural beauty which is mother Earth. Grand Castles merge into dots amidst the magnificent presence of the Alps. These mountains form natural divides – earth to sea, boundaries enabling life to vary, promoting difference; accepted and protected. Difference man-made boundaries seek to destroy and remove. The everlasting wisdom of nature versus the conundrum of ‘learning-man’ striving for harmony now permitted in an independent Slovenia; a young new-nation, renewed, taking first steps in the meandering folds of mountains shielding, nurturing and giving.

Natural produce tilled and worked by the hands of man and woman, tantalises taste buds, as the tongue receives earth-heart – incredible healing, wondrous pure honey from the HoneyHouse. Wow! Natures variation swollen with creativity is presented to us as we move having explored and bowed to metropolis-mountains – Postojna Cave. So beautiful is the internal mountain landscape formation developed by water thrust upon limestone throughout millennia. Form through energy, must be how men love women, moving through the internal to know the eternal.

Travel days close with natures salute – glasses of wine so undiscovered, only Princes and Princesses with vibration awareness, know their value. We met the joy-makers whose faces and hands wear the story of produced-bliss, bottled and presented for you and us, their labour a true fine-art.

Such joy is bestowed through heart to travellers from local people, as you walk, engaging, listening and connecting through story-telling. Stories are us, in what and how we do every moment. It’s up to us to see this. Some of us never will. Do you? The maître-d at Castle Mokrice gave us gifts to sup from the beauty of the Slovenian heart-land. Magic came in a bottle of "Batic " Rose one day, Batic Merlot the next and the No.1 from Istenic Winery the following day. Essence enjoyed when saluting lands and men.

If you know of Jackson Pollock’s art, you will greatly value the art of Marijan Novak Slunjski a Slovenian Artist who meets your every need. This artists inspiration is effervescent like Istenic Sparkling Red Wine. For art lovers, Marijan’s art is a new discovery … he’s already been mine.

Stories of place are shared by a passionate participant, to hungry observers with attentive eyes and burning ears, now being carried through time. These lucky observers receive educated, knowledgeable words from the dancing-mouth of Carlos Yoder our resident Ljubljana tour guide. Call him. Be with him, in shared time and gain.


The Soul

Simplicity. Simplicity beautifully captured by a local leader in Slovenia – Ales Cerin. The time where Slovenia is now, is where western industrial countries yearn to return. Those of us in the west have lost simplicity in the enormity of post industrial revolution production. We continue to celebrate industrialisation over simplicity, at the expense of ourselves.

Visiting Slovenia helps us return to the heart of who we are. Western children could take years to learn and see what the children of Slovenia preserve daily.

Dear Slovenia, please do not lose the gift of pure simplicity when growing. Instead preserve and keep Slovenia as the embodiment of community – this is your jewel, your soul. Relish in Slovenian simplicity, its splendour.


What of us – the travellers? We are TRiiiBE.

It was always going to be, what it was meant to be, for who was there. That’s the way it is with the TRiiiBE.

Marcos Gaser loves this land and as Slovenia’s ambassador educates his guests. Marcos tells stories of people past and present, sharing local treasures as we travel every quadrant together, daily. As a son of these lands he ensures we have everything we need in every way – a true gentlemen host. When you’re in Slovenia, go and call on Marcos for you will be richer for the experience. So happy-full was our time shared, eyes swelled with emotion when parting – strong, strong bonds now cemented. Thank you Marcos, you know why.

When we love we partake naturally in what gives us joy. Frank Sapp knows and loves wine. Whilst travelling Slovenia, together with his wife Pam, Frank enjoyed local fruits from Slovenian Wineries and brought some offerings to Castle Mokrice. Morsels enjoyed late at night, honoured each day and welcomed early morning. Frank has a gift, now realised through connecting with the TRiiiBE. We always see the gifts in others more than in ourselves! Time together is time to see and share these insights. Joshua and I saw the same thing at the same time for Frank Sapp – our gift to him – a mirror on what he loves. Frank Sapp may be bridging technology gaps for people who need it right now, but around the corner, he will be working with wine – Slovenian Wine. Frank gives and lives abundantly with love. Thank you Frank, you know why.

It’s a rare treat to meet another who observes, listens and sees you and themselves during conversation and connection. Such is the magic of Joshua Harbert an innate life observer of stunning emotional intelligence. Joshua operates from a hard wired frame of love which is quite something to behold in him, as he absorbs you wholly in observation, seeing who you really are. Such are the talents of gifted writers. Joshua possesses something extra special – only something you gain from being in his presence, and for that short time, I am truly grateful to Seth Godin for building a triiibe of unending people-magic, who together are building and sharing wonder across our World, this time with a special focus on Slovenia. Thank you Joshua, you know why.

Special thanks go out to Seth Godin for the gift of TRiiiBES.

The Slovenian Triiibe – Marcos, Frank, Joshua, Ales, Matjaz, Jure, Carlos and Ahac – while in the secure company of these special men, this woman travelled and delved in paths new, all the while embracing honourable hearts … and never says goodbye, only ever hello with a knowing smile.

Slovenian Simplicty – Take me back there. Behold, play, explore and adore Slovenia’s grace for this is a reminder of what man must preserve.

New beginnings await Slovenia. Let’s see what we can do and how we can give after receiving.

In honour of dragons slain – raise a glass of Slovenian Wine after licking fingers bathed in Slovenian Honey.

Bronwyn McConville TRiiiBES Retreat 9/5 -14/5/2011 Slovenia