The Remarkable Effect

About the Remarkable effect kickstarter project

“How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin

School tends to teach kids to follow the rules, to do what they are told. And it teaches them that there are only a few acceptable paths in life, many of which lead to something mediocre, not something remarkable.

We are two friends – Jessica Lawrence (age 32) and Emily-Anne Rigal (age 17) – who bonded over the discovery that life doesn’t have to be that way through reading Seth Godin’s books and blog.

We want more young people to discover what we did, but they don’t tend to read Seth Godin’s books. So we’re setting out on a short road trip from Virginia to New York this July to create a webseries that documents people who decided to question the system they inherited and build remarkable lives and who make the concepts in Seth Godin’s books and blog come to life.

We will be using the funds raised for travel expenses and for the expense of filming and editing the webisodes.

This is a project that got us clapping our hands in excitement when we first started thinking about it, and we hope you’ll find it that exciting too!

Thanks for supporting The Remarkable Effect!


Emily-Anne and Jessica