Dancing with the linchpins …

The LXD (the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) electrify the TED2010 stage with an emerging global street-dance culture, revved up by the Internet. In a preview of Jon Chus upcoming Web series, this astonishing troupe show off their superpowers.


What if you had to say Good-Bye to the “Job”

It is time to slowly say good-bye to the “job” as it has been known in our lifetime and the lifetime of our parents. The parents of baby boomers were the first full generation that lived with the general concept of “life-long employment.” Baby boomers left college and stepped on lower rungs of a “career path.” Now, after three consecutive “jobless recoveries,” it should be clear that jobs as we had defined them are disappearing. (more)

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TheAnti-Resume Revolution, a book by Angela Lussier

Way outside the box: Innovative programs allow students to direct learning

The Innovation Lab, at labconnections.blogspot.com, is based on the idea that “nothing is for everyone” and that students need to be who they are, or “be you,” said Hardy, facilitator of the lab and a learning innovation teacher on special assignment.

“It’s a personalized plan for each kid,” Hardy said …

Innovation Lab of the Thompson School District

By Shelley Widhalm Reporter-Herald Staff Writer
Posted: 07/29/2011