No magic buttons, no fairy godmothers, just …

No magic buttons, no fairy godmothers, just hard work and a desire to make.

Yoda was right

“Over the past week, as I was attending Macworld, I had the pleasure of talking to a dizzying array of incredibly talented people. Designers, engineers, hackers, writers and those who juggle several of those titles.

Throughout my time in San Francisco covering the event, I met people for the first time, or got better acquainted, something that this gathering is especially good for. When the opportunity presented itself, and if the other party was willing, I asked them a simple question: “how did you get started doing what you do?”

The answers were as widely varied as you would hope they would be with a cast of characters as entertaining and enjoyable as the people who make the stuff we read, use and enjoy every day. But one theme kept cropping up and it can be summed up in Master Yoda’s most famous bit of advice to Luke Skywalker, a simple farmboy with a lust for adventure:

Do or do not. There is no try.

As someone who has always been fascinated with the reasons why people create things, I was having a great time listening to the various paths taken to the world of development or blogging or whatever occupation they held, I wasn’t really looking for the secrets of the universe.”

(more here … 30th January 2012 by Matthew Panzarino)


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