Business Model You

Business Model you book

Dreaming of a new career or life path? We all do.

But most of us lack a structured way to reinvent ourselves, even as changing workplace business models make professional and personal life more challenging than ever.

Replace career uncertainty with career confidence by using the single-page blueprint that’s helped reinvent thousands of organizations worldwide.

It’s the systematic way to optimize the most important business model of all: business model you.

Learn to use the key tool for describing and analyzing organizational and personal business models.

Revisit your life direction and consider how you want to align your personal and career aspirations.

Adjust — or reinvent — your work life using the Canvas and discoveries from previous sections.

Learn to make it all happen.

Learn to make it all happen. Read more about the people and resources behind Business Model You.

A new, 79-page pdf preview of BMY is now available to download and share!

Cocreated by 328 work life wizards from 43 countries, some of them being members of Triiibes like Bernd Nurnberger and Anne McCrossan.

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