The Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse Project is a not for profit business that seeks to invest all profit into social, community and environmental projects in Dingwall and the surrounding areas. We are completely self funded and have never taken any form of grants or other funding. We are also highly committed to recycling and being a centre for information.

We have books, local wildlife information, bric a brac, toys, Eco-friendly goods, furniture, modern and vintage clothing and textiles as well as a café with outdoor garden area. We also have our community gathering space ‘Upstairs’ available for music, films, meetings, arts&crafts


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What does it mean to have purpose in profession?

For a long time, the purpose was the profession—get a job, stick with it, retire.

In other words, it was okay to settle as long as there was a steady paycheck rolling in.
In this eye-opening talk, friends and business partners Nathanial Koloc and Evan Walden discuss a cultural shift in thinking about jobs, in which people desire to have purpose within their profession, seeking organizations whose missions align with their own, and never settling for a paycheck alone.
Using their personal backgrounds as color, they show how they align impact-driven professionals with impact-driven organizations and vice versa.