The Main Reason You Should Attend a Linchpin Meetup

Meetups allow people to form groups with like-minded individuals.

But what is the ONE REASON you should attend a Linchpin Meetup in your area?

You will meet, mingle with, and befriend some exciting artists who are changing the world.

From Shari Weiss – San Francisco

Look to her OWN TAKE-AWAY NOTES, a “taste” of Seth’s ideas for our Brave New World

Linchpin meetup–The second worldwide event is December 7

Last June, 980 of you organized Linchpin meetups in cities around the world, and more than 6,000 people signed up to attend.

By popular request, we’re doing it again, this time on December 7, 2010.

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The situation is the following just a few hours after being announced …

Linchpin meetup--The second worldwide event is December 7You will find here and there the DIY Promotion Resources, just some resources that were created for you to make this moment different !