In 100 Words: Boundary by Tanmay Vora

We get too bogged down by our self-imposed boundaries.

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Worthless – Agnes Török


Poem by Agnes Török on the news of a new Conservative budget.

Based on experiences of living in Britain under austerity as a young, queer, unemployed, female immigrant student – and not taking it any more.

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Art and Science and Making Things by Seth Godin


If it’s not safe it’s worth doing it !


What’s is being a maker ?

How to choose the right way ?

Published on Oct 1, 2012

World Maker Faire 2012: Seth Godin, “Art and Science and Making Things”
The industrialist mindset of productivity and predictable perfection has infected all elements of our lives, from school to science. Once you see it, you’ll understand how it pushes us to avoid the hard work of doing truly interesting science, and how it encourages us to avoid the maker mindset. In this informal talk, I’ll try to get under your skin, at least a little, about what’s at stake.

The Secret to Spreading Ideas

The Secret to Spreading Ideas : Bernadette Jiwa at TEDxPerth

Bernadette is the author or the #1 Amazon Business Bestseller Make Your Idea Matter.
Her blog was voted Australia’s Best Business Blog in 2012 and she was named as one of the Top 100 Branding Experts to follow on Twitter.

Bernadette works as a strategist and brand storyteller, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world to distill and capture the essence of their brands and ideas.

Bernadette became fascinated by what makes ideas spread as a child when she observed how a toy company made the packaging more valuable than the toys inside by introducing a collectible star loyalty program.
Bernadette will discuss how and why our job is to make people feel, not just make them do.