The Icarus launch …

Yesterday, Seth Godin launched a project on Kickstarter for his new book “The Icarus deception: Why make Art?”

Here are some reflection on the launch itself :
Reflections on today’s Kickstarter

First, thank you to my amazing readers. To say that I had an overwhelming day is a bit of an understatement. The Kickstarter reached its goal in record time, less than three hours after I first posted it. We met and then blew away the stated goal. It means a lot to me that you’re so connected and generous.

As promised, I’m going to do a few updates to share data and insights that might help the next person.

You can learn from this and start to build your own triiibe !



Meetup day II : Linchpins are everywhere (raise the flag)

You will probably read today on Seth Godin blog, the announcement of the second Linchpin meetup.

The date the organisers will propose is the 7th of december.

You can launch your own meetup in your city or join an existing one here.

Have a great time experiencing a real life linchpin meetup …

Linchpins-are-everywhere-raise-the-flag (Seth Godin)

More about Linchpins ? Look at this video.

Linchpin for iPad is now on iTunes

In bestsellers like Purple Cow and Tribes, Seth Godin taught readers how to make remarkable products and spread powerful ideas.
But LINCHPIN is different. It’s about you–—your choices, your future, and your potential to make a huge difference in whatever field you choose.

Linchpin on iPad

Just launched: Linchpin on the Vook on the iPad
The details are right here. Created by Vook, based on the hardcover.
Includes new video and interviews with some interesting folks…

Building for the future …

Recently, Seth shook the medias saying that he was going out of traditional marketing.

Linchpin will be the last book I publish in a traditional way.

What do you think he will build in the future ?

To base your reflexion, you can explore :

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Jeff Rivera – August 25, 2010

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Seth Godin – August 23, 2010

New York Times Bestseller Seth Godin to No Longer Publish Books Traditionally
Jeff Rivera – August 20, 2010

Can everyone become a linchpin?

Surely not everyone

A newspaper asked me the following, which practically set my hair on fire:

What inherent traits would make it easier for someone to becoming a linchpin? Surely not everyone can be a linchpin?

Why not? How dare anyone say that some people aren’t somehow qualified to bring emotional labor to their work, somehow aren’t genetically or culturally endowed with the seeds or instincts or desires to invent new techniques or ideas, or aren’t chosen to connect with other human beings in a way that changes them for the better?

Perhaps some people will insist that there are jobs where no humanity is possible. But you don’t have to work for them.

Some people want to tell you that your DNA isn’t right, or you’re not from the right family or neighborhood. I think that’s wrongheaded.

Bob Marley grew up in one of the poorest villages in the world. Sir Richard Branson has dyslexia that makes it difficult for him to read. Hugh Masakela grew up in Witbank, a coal mining town. It’s not just musicians and entrepreneurs, of course. The Internet makes it possible for a programmer in Russia or a commentator in South Africa to have an impact on a large group of people as well.

We’ve been culturally brainwashed to believe that the factory approach (average products for average people, compliance, focus on speed and cost) is the one and only way. It’s not.

We make a difference to other people when we give gifts to them, when we bring emotional labor to the table and do work that matters. It’s hard for me to imagine that this is only available to a few. Yes, the cards are unfairly stacked against too many people. Yes, there’s too many barriers and not enough support. But no, your ability to create and contribute isn’t determined at birth. It’s a choice.