DIY Promotion Resources

Hey Linchpins and MeetUp Organizers :-]

We know that seeing the meetup coming closer maybe intimidating. What to bring? What to talk about? How to engage with participants? How to promote your meetup locally in the real world?

This could be especially true when you are a bit new to Seths ideas or in organizing things.

So here is a small collection of links with things you can print at home or in your local copyshop, bring to the event and/or give out to participants:

If you like quotes there are

and based on those

So… get those presses running! :-]

We wish you all the best for your meetup, there will be great persons to meet and connections to make. Have fun and spread the word!


5 thoughts on “DIY Promotion Resources

  1. I’m hosting the Meetup in St. Louis and would like to hear what others have done to make last year’s MeetUp especially successful. I’m planning to send an email invite to about 700 of my contacts on Monday. Most of them have not read the book yet, but many of them have heard or read something where I referenced something that made an impact on me from the book.

    Is there a list of questions or potential discussion ideas that people should bring with them? I expect 50-100 people do i split them up in groups, what expectations should they have about attending? Will Seth be coming on line to share a few thoughts, or will other Linchpin MeetUp groups be sharing ideas and photos from their live event?
    Cheers, Chris Kiersch

    1. Hi Chris,

      Every meetup is different and will be all around the world.

      Every organizer is choosing a different approach, you can look at the Austin and London and Asheville meetups.
      You could ask to their organizer what they have done the last time.

      You’ll also find some resources on the blog in the DIY and/or organizer guide.
      You’ll get some ideas on what can be done.

      Some groups have effectively posted on the web, photos of the events ie here.

      Part of the groups launched the 14th june have been active since …
      Others died.
      A few have a Facebook or LinkedIn presence.

      I don’t think that Seth have been actively participating somewhere except this way or there.

      It would be great if you get to 50 and wonderful to reach 100.

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